8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Business Websites One Step Ahead

According to available stats, WordPress is the most adopted content management system (CMS) in the market, used by large corporations and multinationals, as well as small businesses, to fire up their presence in the online domain. This platform offers a lot of benefits with easy to manage, developed, and customized WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and other features and functionalities.

WordPress, in a very short time, has gained an overwhelming popularity around the world because of the ease it offers in developing business websites and blogs right from the ground-up.

Those who have not yet migrated to WordPress should definitely give it a shot, but those who have already set up their blogs and websites using WordPress, should try out these super-cool plugins to add more firepower.

Top WordPress Plugins you could enjoy

1. Thrive Content Builder

Creating fancy product pages, attractive pricing tables, call to actions, or testimonials has traditionally been a grueling task, but not anymore with the Thrive Content Builder WordPress plugin.

Thrive Content Builder seamlessly plugs into your preferred WordPress theme, enabling you to drag and drop various elements on the webpage so that each one of them can be evaluated in real-time.

The cutting-edge content builder, with a replacement WordPress editor, is at present the best available tool to integrate rich content into professional websites.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Today, enterprises across the globe are racing to make their business websites search engine optimized. And why not? Optimization increases search engine rankings, maximizes visibility, brings more traffic to the website, and practically does everything that businesses look forward to in the online space.

WordPress SEO, by Yoast, is without a doubt one of the finest WordPress SEO plugins for every kind of website on WordPress. Yoast is easy-to-use, it’s free, and it optimizes blogs and websites for search engines like no other.

3. Content Aware Sidebars

Content Aware Sidebars is probably the best free WordPress plugin that allows you to generate an illimitable amount of widgets and sidebars anywhere on your business website.

With Content Aware Sidebars, you can essentially assign sidebars and widgets to a particular page, or place them anywhere on your web pages, which WordPress doesn’t permit you otherwise.

4. SEOpressor

SEOpressor gets handy when it comes to driving your website up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. The professional tool performs a variety of activities like keyword analysis, over-optimization checks, latent semantic indexing, and automatic smart-linking that take care of search engine optimization minus the headaches.

SEOpressor is an excellent WordPress plugin that integrates your content seamlessly with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, providing your website a major boost in the SERP.

5. Contact Form 7

A ‘Contact Us’ page is an extremely important feature, as it provides a window for customers and visitors to easily get in touch with a business. Now with Contact Form 7, a high-quality, form-creating plugin, WordPress users can create the ‘Contact Us’ page in a breeze.

This free WordPress plugin, integrating a CAPTCHA, Ajax-powered submissions, as well as spam filtering, enables you to design highly-customizable contact forms with the contents emailed to you directly.

6. Backup Buddy

No one can deny the importance of backups. Backups are crucial for stand-alone data, as well as for websites. Secure backup of a website is absolutely necessary so that it can be easily restored if anything goes wrong.

The amazing Backup Buddy, a premium WordPress plugin, allows you to do just that, and a lot more. With Backup Buddy, you can perform full backups of your WordPress website and save it anywhere, including cloud-based services like Dropbox, or your web host.

7. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache ranks as one of the most quintessential WordPress plugins for professional websites. The free tool instantly enhances a website’s overall performance by boosting the loading speed and page load-times. This significantly improves the browsing experience of the website, and also increases the search result rankings.

8. Testimonials by Aihrus

Testimonials by Aihrus is an outstanding WordPress plugin that lets you showcase reviews and testimonials posted by clients and customers anywhere on your business website. Testimonials, even in the form of videos and images, can be effortlessly inserted using widgets, theme functions, or short codes.

These top-rated plugins give a kick to your WordPress website so that it can stand out and make its presence felt in the online space.