Automation and Digitalization In Real Estate Industry- Unlock Your Business

Rules that worked well several years ago will not work nowadays. These days when everyone is affected by Covid-19, businesses need new approaches to unlock the business potential. Real estate industry is one of those that have been extremely affected….


How You Could Improve Your Brand Image

Being an owner of business, you probably might be in dilemma about how to improve the image of your business or brand. In today’s world, business is more than your product, service, and logo. Now, you need to create a…

online business

Why You Should Think About Starting Your Own Online Business?

Amidst Covid-19 outbreak, many people have lost their jobs while many are getting paid less. In this critical situation you might be upset with your current 9-to-5 job. You should know that we are living in the world full of…

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5 Ways to secure your WordPress Websites

All website owners concerned about their website security. Google black list high number of websites due to malware and phishing content. Most of the people think Open source is vulnerable to all kind of attacks. But this is not true….

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Google Duplex – A new artificially intelligent that Accomplishing Real World Tasks Over the Phone

Google has just announced new technology that is going to interact with people like a human being… Yeah you read it right. Now AI will Accomplish Real World Tasks Over the Phone. In Google latest IO their CEO Sunder  Pichai …