Brand Awareness

How To Brush Up Your Brand Awareness Campaigns

Once you have built your brand identity and established brand awareness, you need to boost it and expand it. A regular brush up in brand awareness is a necessity as it would bring some fortune for your business and those…

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Google Duplex – A new artificially intelligent that Accomplishing Real World Tasks Over the Phone

Google has just announced new technology that is going to interact with people like a human being… Yeah you read it right. Now AI will Accomplish Real World Tasks Over the Phone. In Google latest IO their CEO Sunder  Pichai …

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Step-Up the Performance of AngularJS in 5 Simple Ways

The popularity of AngularJS – considered as one of the most widely adopted web app frameworks – has skyrocketed in recent times, following the launch of the long-awaited AngularJS version 4.0. Nevertheless, no matter how advanced the framework is, there…