How to Unlock Supply Chain System With Technology ?

Covid-19 pandemic situation has brought an unpredictable and revolutionary change in the business around the globe, especially in supply chain. Many of the businesses around the world are majorly reliant on manufacturing and supplies in China. They have been going through a situation of significant business and operation disruptions. There hurdles include reduced or no supply, not able to manage with suppliers, not able to meet the contractual obligations with the clients, etc.

Now we are in the middle of crisis of global supply chain and it is unpredictable when everything will be back on track. Many of the companies are moving towards the unlocking of their business or you could say that they are in recovery mode. You should also take it as a challenge and redevelop your supply chain strategy and prepare yourself for next emergency.

How To Rebuild Your Supply Chain

  1. Increase the visibility of our supply chain system. It will help you to keep an eye on everything and find the alternatives to reduce the effect of disruptions. Keep a complete knowledge of your supply chain from primary supplier source to shipment schedule to supplier of the suppliers and so on. Implement technologies in your system to map and track your entire supply chain system. You can use cloud based GPS tracking software, feel and vehicle tracking software, RFID tags, and many more.
  2. Digitize your supply chain management system. Eliminate the paper based processes such as billing, packing lists, notices, and more. Start making a digitized record of everything that would be more secure and easy to maintain, manage, and access. In a pandemic situation, when physical presence of staff is restricted, digital records will save you.
  3. Businesses that have strong technological and digital infrastructure survive better. For instance, driverless vehicle, drones, automatic identification, electronic signature and data are making the operation of supply chain easy.
  4. Companies have to implement Remote work policies. Even during unlocking period, they have to maintain only a portion of staff at site. Reskill and realign your employees to build a better operation system according to the present situation. Take help of technology and software for employee management.
  5. Create a good communication with your client as well. A software system will help you to track and monitor the status of your projects and accordingly you can connect with your clients. Keep them up-to-date with the ongoing process and or any delay.

Recent pandemic situation forced many companies to think about making an alteration in their supply chains and reliability for any similar uncertain situation in future. Every business needs to work on their strategy and should be ready with a contingency strategy before any disaster strikes. It’s almost impossible to predict such situation but you can prepare yourself by identifying the potential risks and opportunities of your business and plan accordingly. Review your operations to analyze any risks and to identify their impact on your business you might face in future.

Have you prepared a plan for your business to tackle such unexpected situations? You can look forward for supply Chain management software, risk management software, and so on for your supply chain.