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What you need to create an exceptional user experience (UX) design?

Websites are not just information portals, but they are meant to give a cheerful user experience to the visitors. The user experience can make or break the probability of a visitor to go through the website or visit again, thus apart from being visually attractive and informational, your website should be user experience oriented, to give visitor an easy and pleasant browsing experience. While designing a website, taking few things into the account can equip your website to provide an exceptional user experience.

Ingredients for user friendly interface:

An impressive design is the first thing that invites a visitor to check out the website and when it will be blended with UX ingredients it makes the overall experience exceptional. User experience is created by text, graphics, layout, interactive elements on the website. First is to provide a clean and streamlined layout with feature like interface on demand, specialized controls with drop down menu, slider feature to ease out scrolling, context-sensitive navigation to show only what a visitor needs, emphasis on key functions with larger clickable area with a color theme to give your website a clutter free look and user-friendly interface.

Keep Your Navigation Consistent

A consistent navigation is another thing you must have in your website as it makes life easier for the visitors to navigate forward and backward easily. You should use consistent navigational elements throughout page content, not just in the menu bar. To make the menu more clear and concise reduce the navigational order into smaller categories. Keep the categories with Line-heights, padded enclosures and margins between different elements to make navigation stand out and interactive as well. Give effects like changing text or enclosure colors when the mouse hover on a function button, it let the visitor know where they are heading towards or where they are in the website.

Have a Clear Call to Action:

A clear call to action is a great utility feature for your website and your visitors. It guides the visitor to choose the action whether it’s in the form of an email sign up button, contact us form, free download button or buy now button and help the business to convert the visitor into a lead. Make sure that the call to action is clear and prominently featured on the relevant page. Make it stand out in terms of size, color, and surrounding negative space to grab the attention of the visitor, so that if one chooses to take an action it will be easier for them. If there is more than one choice in a page then position them strategically within the page, as few calls to action buttons in a close proximity helps visitors to make a comparison and then make a well thought out decision, which ultimately creates a pleasing user experience.

Adaptive Responsive design:

While all the above things are part of the design, there is one more factor which creates a great user experience it’s the responsive web design. Your customers may be accessing the website from different devices may be a PC, a tablet or a smart phone, a consistent look and information across all will create a positive user experience and give flexibility to the users access your website from anywhere and from any device.