Responsive Web Design Is A Must Have For Modern Age Website

The prime focus while creating a website or web application is to serve every audience an amazing and consistent experience while browsing. Earlier there were a limited number of devices available in the market hence developers and designers didn’t need to think much about the compatibility of screen sizes. With the emergence of Smartphone, tablet, and other devices with various screen sizes; developers and designers have to rethink their strategy for compatibility with screen sizes and various browsers.

These days responsive web design practices have resolved the issue of compatibility. Now designers need to follow a strategy to make any website and application responsive for any screen size and browser.

What responsive web design means?

A responsive web design is compatible with end user’s device and provides an amazing browsing and viewing experience. Depending on the type of device you are using i.e. whether it a smart phone, tablet or computer, the website will modify itself with respect to resolution and size. It’s ability to adapt to any device and any screen size makes it most flexible as compared to others.

Why responsive design is so important for modern day

Google has announced that its search engine ranking algorithm works on the responsiveness and mobile compatibility of any website and application. It means if you ignore mobile devices during designing and development, you will have a lower search engine page ranking. You are very much aware of the consequences of lower search engine page ranking of your website.

The number of mobile users has been increasing tremendously across the world. As per a survey in US, average US adult spend time more than 3 hours per day on their mobile devices. It is obvious that people spend more time on their mobile devices. Mobile devices come in various screen sizes. To serve them with better experience on your site or application, you have to make it look perfect for everyone, otherwise your business has to deal with the less traffic, lower conversion rate, lower sales, and ROI.

What to do to make your websites or apps responsive

A responsive web design can prevent pixelation of images, undesired scrolling around the screen to read or view content and content scattering over the webpage. In short, by adapting and adjusting itself to the various screen sizes, it provides a better viewing and browsing experience to the users.

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Responsive web design mainly includes three prime principles which are:

  • Flexible media

With scaling and CSS overflow techniques, image loading will vary for different screen sizes.

  • Flexible grids

Content will be resized with the relative sizing technique to make any content fit any screen size.

  • Media queries

This technique let website detect the device and its screen size and act accordingly. The page automatically adjusts when screen sizes changes.

How to create responsive website or applications

It is not a big task to develop a responsive website. You can start your project from scratch including designing to development.

Various web designing testing tools are available on the internet that can aid you in testing the responsiveness of your website. These tools can help you in gathering all the details, requirements and features for the responsiveness of your website.

Here are few ways as to how you can get a responsive web design solution:

Responsive ready website themes

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix, like CMS systems offer a number of ready-made themes and layout with enabled responsive feature. If you don’t want to choose the long route, you can go with any of these themes.

Hire best Responsive Web Design Company

If you are still confused about how you could do this by all yours self or you have a highly complex and customized website to design and develop, you can consider hiring the best responsive design company. You can easily find many responsive design companies available that can help you to create a compelling website from scratch. You just have to hire the best one and relax, they will do everything for you.

What about your existing non-responsive website

If you have an existing non responsive website and you want to turn it into a responsive one. Either you can redevelop your website from scratch or you can make it responsive with the necessary elements.

With proper planning and page layout designing, you can make a plan as to how your website will look and behave for various screen sizes. Then after, you can add responsive Meta tags, media queries, navigation, typography, and other elements to make it responsive.

You can also contact to the best responsive web design company for your requirement.