Top 20 Most Popular Angular Js Developer Tools

AngularJS is one of the most important and used framework in the field of web development. It allows you to use all versions of HTML, CSS, Java, and other tools to make the development process easy, simple, fast, and efficient.

There are so many AngularJS tools available that will work as a catalyst for your effort and save you from lots of headache. In this article, we are introducing you to the top 20 AngularJs tools.

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Popular Angular JS tools


  • Karma

Karma AngularjsThis is a test runner tool that fits into all requirements of angular JS developers. It offers ideal testing condition by allowing you to run test on real browsers, programs, and devices such as tablets, phones, etc. You don’t need to run the jasmine test manually while using this tool as it lets run the jasmine as part of development tool. It can be used for various types of testing such as midway testing, unit testing, E2E testing, etc.


  • Supports real time testing on real devices
  • Remote control
  • Free to use
  • Easy to use and debugging
  • No need to know about the internal function to work on this tool
  • Continuous integration
  • Testing framework agnostic


  • Protractor

Protractor AngularjsThis is an automation testing tool used for running test on web applications. It is based on several powerful technologies including jasmine, node.j, Selenium, Webdriver, and more. This testing tool is designed keeping angular js applications into consideration. It is well designed for angular applications but still it works fine for non-angular JS applications.


  • It is an automatic testing tool
  • Works best for angular as well as non-angular apps
  • You can test any apps like a user.


  • Jasmine

Jasmine AngularjsJasmine is an open-source JavaScript framework. It follows Behavior driven development (BDD) procedure for testing and can be used to test any kind of JavaScript applications. Most importantly, it doesn’t need any JavaScript framework or any or browser or DOM.


  • Doesn’t depends on any other JavaScript framework
  • The entire code and syntax will be clean and obvious
  • It will easily be available in other versions as well such as ruby gem, stand-alone, node.js, etc.


  • Djangular

The best feature of Djangular is that it is a reusable app can helps in integration of apps for Angular JS. It is very helpful in Angular applications. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t create a huge lump of data at once, instead it gives developers option of creating content as per app. Moreover you will also get the option of selecting apps per site hence providing flexibility to the developers.


  • Flexible tool
  • Offers you some of the ready to use apps or modules



This is one of the Angular JS tools that don’t depend on jQuery. It also introduces mentions and macros widgets. You can consider it for direct application of for any selectable elements and text inputs.


  • Can smoothly integrate with LMS through LTI
  • Use data analytics to help developers


  • Mocha.js

Mocha.jsMocha.js is a test framework for JavaScript that runs on Node.js and browsers. It makes testing procedure asynchronous, simple, and fun. The best feature of Mocha is that it tests run in serial order thus providing accurate and flexible reporting. It maps the uncaught exceptions to the right test cases this removing errors. It is hosted on GitHub.


  • Reports test coverage
  • Runs node.js tests in parallel
  • Automatically detects and disables the coloring for non-TTYs
  • Simple and asynchronous test


  • Sublime text

Sublime Text is a cross platform source code editor. It has python application interface and supports various programming languages, functions, and markup languages. Users can add functions too with the use of Plugins that can be built and maintained under free software license.


  • Plugin API based on python
  • Goto Anything for faster navigation
  • Cross-platform
  • Supports plugins for cross-platforms


  • Restangular

Restangular is an ideal Angular JS tool that simplifies the common POST, DELETE, GET, UPDATE, etc. This tool works perfectly for any Webapp that uses RESTful API to extract data.


  • Seamlessly sends request to different services using different settings
  • Doesn’t need URL every time to send request
  • Use nested RESTful resources


  • Angular Seed

Angular seed is a tool typically designed for AngularJS web applications.  An angular developer will simply and quickly bootstrap the angular web app projects along with dev environment with the help of this tool.


  • Helps in quick, reliable, and extensible beginning of development
  • Helps you update the seed tasks of any projects even existing one
  • Supports various Angular apps in one instance of the seed by sharing same codebase


  • NG-Inspector

NG-Inspector is an extension for browsers. It has an inspector panel that highlights the AngularJS scope hierarchy on the displayed page in real time. Apart from this, it also maps the directives or controllers to the particular scope that they are associated with. It displays a button next to the address bar having the Angular logo. The button is used to toggling the pane off and on.


  • Displays whole scope of hierarchy in angular applications
  • Easy to find the controllers and directive associated with each scope
  • Updates everything in real time


  • Videogular


As the name shows, this tool is a media framework that is written in Angular 2+. You can play any video, audio, or any other contents as per your requirement.


  1. Allows to create own plugins with the help of an intermediate API
  2. Don’t support flash and thus fastens the coding
  3. Simplifies the code maintenance
  4. Allows you to create your own theme by writing CSS code


  • Webstorm

If you want to utilize the full power of a modern JavaScript ecosystem, WebStorm is your go to option. With the features like on-the-fly error detection, intelligent code completion, powerful refactoring and navigation for JavaScript, stylesheet languages, TypeScript;  this is one of the best tools available in the market.


  1. Make debugging easier and simpler
  2. Allows seamless integration of tools
  3. Do testing on any tool and view results in editor


  • Generator Angular

Generator Angular helps you to easily and quickly set up sensible defaults for your project. It also generates the boilerplate required for your app project to get started.

  • Code Orchestra

Code Orchestra is software that helps in tracking the changes of resources such as code, sound, images, etc. Whenever any file is altered; it creates a file with those changes that you have made in your applications.


  • Angular GetText

This is known as super simple translation support for Angular JS development project. It helps in translating to code into any language. You just have to write text in English and translate into desirable language.


  • Translate any part of code effortlessly into other language
  • Handles plural forms easily in any language
  • You can use widely established tools for translation


  • Angular Deckgrid

This is one of the highly sophisticated Angular JS tool that helps in masonry like grid structure. It gives higher responsive and elite look to the applications.


  • Angularjs UI

Angular UI is an open-source framework for developing hybrid mobile apps. Mobile Angular UI makes use of Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS that helps to create attractive HTML5 hybrid mobile and desktop apps.


  • Automatically built from bootstrap
  • Supports various browsers
  • Provides mobile friendly look to default components


  • Mean

Mean is the best solution available for building your dynamic applications and websites. It is a user-friendly stack which is free and offers organized methods which are quick for creating rapid prototypes for applications which are web-based.


  • Accepts request and displays result to the end users
  • Helps in creating robust and maintainable applications
  • Uses uniform language in the entire stack


  • Angular Fire

AngularFire supports Angular binding for Firebase which is a backend service that offers storage, deployment, authentication services for any angular applications.


  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Uses Angular, Firebase, and RxJS
  • Stores data offline automatically


  • Angular Kickstart

Angular Kickstart helps in fastening the angular js development process. It generates default project structure and thus let you write the code. It works best for Single page Applications. The default project works with the Bower, Gulp, SAAS, and local web server so that you can start, write, preview, and test the code immediately.


  • Unit test integration is easy
  • Supports live-reload feature with the help of Browsersync
  • Reduces development time
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks

Conclusion :

Being an angular developer, you will be always looking for some tools that can reduce your burden related to the development process. There are some fantastic tools that can be useful for you. It will be a good decision to hire those angular developers who use these tools to fasten and simplify their angular development work. Also, you can reap more benefits from these tools.