Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services has been dominating the cloud computing market with their compatible, customizable and cost-effective private cloud option for businesses to have scalable and secure IT resources. Amazon cloud has changed the complete complexion of cloud computing by making it more scalable and completely focused on the every business’s specific IT requirement than any other cloud service provider.
We have explored why a business should opt for Amazon web services and what to expect from their cloud.

Reasons to adopt Amazon web services

1.Flexibility to choose and build

Amazon web services gives options to the businesses to choose programming languages, operation systems, databases and architecture to build their application. Amazon cloud gives a complete flexibility to clients to mix and match different architectures to address diverse business needs, load software which are relevant to the business environment, utilize services that your application requires. The Amazon cloud let the user to completely customize the IT infrastructure of their business, this makes easier for the apps to migrate while retain options for developing new applications. So businesses can retain their core IT infrastructure and make the best use of available applications and services to build it further.

2. Cost effective investment

Amazon web services have the ‘pay for the service’ module where you just pay for the resources, application and storage space the business is utilizing. There are no tailor-made packages, no long term contacts while one can scale up and scale down the services and can even terminate the affiliation whenever one wants to. So you will be investing as per the current and future business requirements and as the business requirements increases or decreases you can upgrade the applications or restrict them. In a way you will not be over spending, while saving the cost spend on application and services which one doesn’t need now.

3. Scalability

Amazon cloud let their client scale up and scale down the resources and services, add and remove application and resources as per the current business requirement and manage cost. The Amazon web services tools, auto scaling and elastic load balancing to upgrade or restrict the functionality of the application as per the current business environment. In the Amazon’s huge infrastructure every client has the access to estimate and storage resources whenever one needs them, giving complete scalability benefits to the businesses.

4. Secure IT infrastructure

Amazon cloud provides a complete end-to-end security and privacy to the businesses. They build services in accordance to the benchmarked security standards, providing completely customizable security features to clients to safeguard their applications. All the application and databases are protected by highly secure facilities and security monitoring systems. The Amazon cloud infrastructure provides many built-in security features and the client just have to focus on the security of their operating system and applications. They regularly upgrade the security features to secure the cloud against any sort of security threat.

5. Experience one can bank upon

Hosting your business on Amazon cloud let the client leverage their more than 15 years of experience in delivering large scale, global infrastructure to businesses, have a secure and reliable cloud services. Amazon continues to innovate and introduce better management capabilities and skill level to upgrade their client’s business IT infrastructure.