Web Design Best Practices To Optimize Your Website Look And Feel

Web Design Best Practices

How can you impress your website visitors in one sight? How can you make your website users’ experience pleasant? The answer to this is web design. Web design best practices help you to get the things done in the right way.

A survey reveled that people decide whether to stay or leave a website in only 0.05 seconds. You have to utilize this small fraction of time to attract your visitors. The look and feel of your website plays a critical role in this situation. Website best practices for its designs, colors, and layouts will elevate your business by invoking the interest of your visitors into your business and drive more conversion and sales.

Website Best Practices For Your Business

Now there are few questions that will arise such as what would be the web design best practices for your business and website. The solution will be based on the demands of the customers, your business nature, and the market standards.

Know your customers and visitors

Before starting the web designing part, you should know your audience or customers. What are their expectations, what they like and dislike, their buying habits, interests, and more which will help you to simplify your work. With the in-depth knowledge of your customers, you will be able to meet their requirements in more effective ways.

All such information will help you to know:

  • What’s your customers want from you?
  • What are the crucial components to provide a better experience to your customers?
  • What is the information that should be mentioned on the website that will be important for your audience.

Know the market standards

Knowledge of the market standard is also crucial for website best practices. What your competitors are doing and what are the web design best practices according to them; will help you to know what would be the best for you. You can make use of such information to curate your strategy for your website.

Keep consistency with style guide

You need to keep consistency on all over the website. You need to decide color scheme, font style, font size, image size, and so on for your website. It will give a consistent look to your entire website. You can also decide logo and make your website design based on your logo. With this strategy, you can give a brand identity to your business and website. The brand identity will further help you to establish your business as a brand.

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Make your navigation perfect

Website best practices also include insightful and functional navigation. Navigation of your website is highly crucial for a pleasant experience of the viewer. If they are not able to find the information they are looking for at faster rate, they are likely to leave the site. As more visitors get bad experience and found your website irrelevant, you will lose a big portion of your customers. It is found that almost 88% of people don’t return on a website where they get bad experience at first time.

While creating navigation, you must take care of the proper headings and the correct information. For instance, a clothing and accessories eCommerce store should have proper categorization of Men and women clothes. People can easily navigate directly to the women’s store or men’s store, whatever they want. Navigation should be simple and easy to follow and based on the requirements of the audience. In this way, people will easily find categories and sub categories of the products or services.

Decides the layout

Page layout also belongs to the critical requirement for the website best practices. A perfectly placed information and setup of pages makes the users’ experience utmost pleasant. The page layout may depend on the page types. You can go with a general page layout that will work for all the similar looking pages to keep the cohesiveness of your website. A similar format will maintain consistency in image size on the pages as well. A consistency in the layout will make your users comfortable while browsing different pages of the website.

Optimize our website

Apart from these, you should take some other facts as well into consideration for the website best practices. Your website design should be perfect for mobile users as well. These days number of mobile users exceeds the number of desktop users and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t ignore your mobile users. In fact, Google also considers mobile responsive website first into its page ranking algorithms. If you want to optimize your business results, you should keep your website optimized for mobile users and SEO with respect to its designs.

Page loading speed matters lot

If your website takes more than few seconds to load, you will lose a big fraction of your customers. People get annoyed with the low page loading speed and will go to your competitor’s website. Compress the images carefully of your website to optimize your page loading speed.

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Make perfect use of CTA and content

Content, information, data, and call to action buttons are highly crucial elements of your website. You can attract and engage your audience with the right data and CTA buttons. You must know how to use and where to use the call to action buttons on the pages, so that your audience will be compelled to hit those buttons.

With right amount of content and information, you will be able to engage your users with your business in the right way. Short and crisp content will attract your users with all necessary information. A long content will be less attractive and your audience may find you boring.

There are so many elements that can be counted in the list for web design best practices but the ones mentioned above are the most important and fundamental. You can make your website perfect and optimize your business results with the in-depth research of your audience and the market.