WordPress 4.9: A New Release – Should You Upgrade?

WordPress , one of the most widely famous CMS technologies, has come up with a new updated release, “version 4.9 of WordPress named :Tipton”. It is released in honor of Jazz musician “Billy Tipton”.  With the release of WordPress 4.9, you will experience some new and enhanced features. The upgradation has fixed many bugs, enhanced security and improved accessibility.

Let us discuss some major features of WordPress 4.9

The New Gallery Widget

Yes! this is a new widget that has been added. It serves as a regular WordPress gallery. With this, photographs can be added anywhere such as the sidebar or footer. Drag it where you want it and use the ‘Add Images’ button for selecting images from your media library.

Improved Text Widget

Just press Add Media button!! This is the great improvement where you can add media into the text widget. Version 4.8 came with the plain text, but with this you can develop your own gallery in the text widget.

Draft, schedule and share your designs customizations

WordPress 4.9 allows you to do post revisions in a way that you can design your themes in customizer, save them and schedule them for a later date and time.  You should also know that every change in settings will be saved in a customize_changeset . This makes sure that site administrator can discard changes and restore the Customizer as per the wish.

Not only this, with share preview link, you can share your designs with anyone. For this, just copy the preview link and share it. The Share Preview Link only share a preview of the front-end without giving anyone control to the admin panel.

A design lock feature is there for securing your draft design so that no one can make changes to your themes.

Experience new themes 

You want to change your website theme? Here it is. The new updated WordPress 4.9 helps users to preview as well as change themes directly from the WordPress customizer. Before making actual changes to your site, you can experiment, browse and preview over 2500 themes. You can also search themes with filters such as subject and features required.

So, you will see two options under the theme:

– Installed Themes: to get a preview  of the installed themes

– WordPress.org Themes: to browse and search for new themes

Code editing : Syntax highlighting 

Are you getting a display problem and cannot figure out where it is? WordPress 4.8 comes with the code mirror-a syntax checking editor that pinpoint your coding errors quickly. This is a very helpful tool for a developer. Live error checking function helps to know the errors on time and thus saves time in fixing them on later stage.

Increased Safety 

Those users are warned by the new Tipton update who directly attempt to edit their theme. It also notifies users to edit their themes or plugins to check for errors before they save them.

So what are you waiting for?? Simply click on the ‘update’ icon in your WordPress admin dashboard. Please note that when updating, your site will be in maintenance mode. Your site will return to normal as soon as your updates get over. If you are ready, make sure to take backup of your files before updating.